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Person swinging golf club at golf course

Father's Day Special

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Give the ultimate gift this year for Father's Day!

Mount My Balls is an amazing storytelling piece that allows you to describe your favorite golf conquest. It is the perfect size that will easily fit on your desk or bookshelf. 

The balls are meant to stay in place but can be popped out in and out by squeezing the ring or by using the divot took that comes with the product.


Easily interchangeable or keep your most prized balls on display front and center! 

Behind Mount My Balls

Cherish Your Memories

Whenever it's time to gather your friends and family, Mount My Balls is the perfect conversation starter. It's your chance to talk about your favorite golf stories.

Unique Design

This 7 inch lightweight yet sturdy design is capable of fitting 13 of your most prized golf balls in a fun and unique way.

Giving Back

We appreciate your support for our small company so for every unit sold we will donate back a portion to

Meet the Dad behind it all

Hey there! My name is Tom McMullen. I am a proud father of 3 amazing children and love to play golf. 

About 8 years ago, I was diagnosed with a rare eye condition called Choroideremia and learned that I was losing my vision. I have always dreamed about a way to leave my mark on the world as an entrepreneur. Thus, Mount My Balls was born in the fall of 2021.

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